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Samlex Featured in RV Pro Magazine - November 2014

What's New in RV Parts?

Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Solar Charging Kits

Samlex charges ahead in RV solar power segment

What's New in RV Parts?

Samlex Solar SCC-30AB charge controllerWhat a great spring, with such great weather and lots of new RV accessories arriving daily. With RV Solar Kits getting more and more popular every day, let's take look at Solar Charge Controls.

Samlex Solar now has the Model SCC-30AB Charge Controller rated for 30 amps of continuous use. This entirely new programmable charge controller allows you eight different charging programs for your battery requirements.

Charging programs include four stages: bulk, absorption, float and equalization settings. The LCD display will allow you to view amperage, battery voltage, watts, and battery charging status. With a 5-year warranty, this new charge controller will make for a very nice upgrade to your current solar system. Ask your local dealer to show you this exciting new product.

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Modified Sine Wave Inverters

SAM Series Modified Sine Wave Inverters

SAM Series low interference, high-efficiency, modified sine wave DC-AC inverters convert 12 VDC to 115 VAC at an output frequency of 60 Hz. Cost effective and powerful, SAM Series power inverter models range from 100 to 3000 Watts. All SAM Series Power Inverters are ETL Safety Listed. As a bonus feature, SAM-100-12, SAM-250-12, SAM-450-12, and SAM-800-12 each come with a USB charging port.

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Solar Charging Kits

Solar Charging Kits

Samlex Solar's easy to install plug and power kits come with 50, 85, or 120 Watt high-efficiency solar panels. Also in each kit is a Samlex 30 Amp flush-mount charge controller with LCD monitoring screen, connecting wires, and a solar panel mounting system—everything needed to start running a soundless and sustainable solar system. Preserve batteries and generate power maintenance free for years.

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Samlex charges ahead in RV solar power segment

RV owners have been using solar power for years to charge their batteries when not connected to shore power. But, Samlex has taken solar power to a new level with a plug-and-play system that combines solar panels with inverters to allow RVers to power equipment from the sun.

"Solar panels work to put energy into battery banks," Russell Gowitt, business development manager for Samlex, told RV Daily Report. "Solar power gives RVers a sense of freedom by enabling them to go where they want and do what they want without worrying about plugging into shore power."

Gowitt said Samlex' solar panels are high-quality photovoltaic modules with maximum output in the 50- to 120-watt power range.

The 50-watt model features 36 high-efficiency solar cells with a special aluminum frame design that substantially increases module endurance against high winds and snow load. Its reinforced high-transparency, low-iron tempered glass allows maximum light permeability while enhancing stiffness and impact resistance.

The 85-watt and 120-watt models feature 36 high-efficiency solar cells as well as a junction box that contains bypass diodes to minimize the power loss due to shading and reduces the risk of permanent failure due to localized heating.

The optimized module surface area, the distance between the frame edge and the cell circuitry, is calculated according to the electrical output optimization.

Solar technology has developed over the years to the point that RVers can become relatively self sufficient in warmer parts of the country with just a few solar panels installed on their units.

Traditionally, solar panels have generally been attached to battery banks to keep the batteries fully charged. But Samlex takes it a step further by adding an inverter to the system to convert the battery's direct current (DC) power into the AC power that appliances need to run.

Samlex offers inverters from 120 to 3,500 watts. They offer overload protection, low battery alarm / shut down, and a low idle power draw. AC power is available from a single or triple receptacle on the front panel, depending upon the inverter's size while others may be hard-wired directly to the electrical panel.

There are two types of inverted power -- modified and pure sine wave. Modified power is less expensive to produce, and is acceptable for operating energy hogs like coffee pots and toasters, said Gowitt.

But, anything that contains a circuit board, like computers or high-definition televisions, require pure sine wave power because it is very similar to the quality of electricity found in residential homes.

"We designed a kit that combines everything into one package," said Gowitt. "Our kit contains everything RVers need to install and power their equipment. It includes a regulator, mounting harness and wiring."

In fact, Gowitt said Samlex designed the kits for the often bumpy over-the-road travel inherent in the RV lifestyle. They use heavy-duty wiring and stronger mounting hardware as well as a higher-quality regulator to prevent solar panels from overcharging batteries.

Incorporated in 1991, Samlex is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. This year; however, they have worked to design a program to specifically cater to the RV market, Gowitt said. The products are available through a variety of distribution channels.

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